Who is Christ To You?

To the Artist
He is One Altogether Lovely

To the Architect
He is the Chief Corner Stone

To the Banker
He is the Hidden Treasure

To the Broken-Hearted
He is the Balm of Gilead

To the Doctor
He is the Great Healer

To the Lawyer
He is our Righteous Judge

To the Mariner
He is the Compaqss in life's sea

To the Naked
He is the Robe of Righteouusness

To the Newspaper Boy
He is the Good Tidings of Great Joy

To the Nurse
He is the Great Comforter

To the Philosopher
He is the True Knowledge of God

To the Preacher
He is the Word of God

To the Educator
He isthe Great Teacher

To the Faithful
He is theGreat Rewarder

To the Farmer
He is the Lord of Harvest

To the Florist
He is the Lily of the Valley

To the Hungry
He is the Bread of Life

To the Pastor
He is Great Shepherd

To the Questioner
He is the Answer to every problem

To the Quarrelsome
He is the Peace of God

To the Statesman
He is the Desire of all nations

To the Teacher
He is the Light

To the Theologian
He is the Author of Our Faith

To the Soldier
He is the Rock of Our Defense

To the Historian
He is the First and the Last

To the Ill
He is the LORD Our Healer

To the Jeweler
He is the Pearl of Great Price

To the Juror
He is the True and Faithful Witness

To the King
He is the Eternal King

To the Student
He is the Great Teacher

To the Widow
He is the Husband

To the Lonely
He is the Faithful Friend

To the Orphan
He is the Everlasting Father

To the Christian
He isOur Lord

To the Sinner
He is the Lamb of God

To the Church
He is the Head of His own Body

To All, He Is The All-Sufficient Christ

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