In the wold today, many people find it very difficult to believe in the Bible. They also question why Christians believe what they believe. After looking at these issues critically, I came to the following realizations.

A man by name Charles Darwin, thought about something he called Evolution. The only way he could transfer his thought to the whole world was to write a book; so he did.Eventhough he is dead, he is remembersd by his book. His thought is being taught in colleges and universities as a subject.

An incident happened in at a place like New York. Eventhough I was not there to witness the incident, i got to know of it through the newspapers - New York Times, Star Ledger, CBS news, NBC news, CNN and the like.The truth about the information depends on me choosing to believe what is being said or what I am reading from the newspapers.

A man lived on this earth those days that I was not born. He was a very important figure in those days that they kept a record of his activities and wrote a book about him. A library in a certain college was named after him. Who is this man? Martin Luther King

These few realizations made me to search through the Holy Bible. I then came to know of the realities of this Holy Book and the truth about it.

Do you believe your husband/wife loves you?
What shows that he/she loves you?
How does he/she demonstrates his/her love towards you?
Do you believe your parents/children love you?
What shows that they love you?
How do they demonstrate their love towards you?
Do you believe you love yourself?
What shows you love yourself?
How do you demonstrate your love for yourself?
Do you believe that God loves you?
I am so glad that our Father in Heaven
Tells of His love in the Book He has given
Wonderful things in the Bible I see
These is the dearest that Jesus loves me
Jesus loves me and I know I love Him
Love brought Him down my poor soul to redeem
Yes it was love made Him die on the tree
O, I am certain that Jesus loves me

The Bible and its Purpose
The Trinity