Resort Side Chat

I like to talk. Hey, God blessed me with the gift to gab. It would be an act of sacrilege not uses it. Conversation is good for the soul. Our topic is of great importance, likewise, our setting be fitting and appropriate to such matters. I can think of no place better suited for our chat than beautiful Parkerís Lake Resort.

I have to tell you I have a tendency of fraying the nerves of some of my fellow quests. Really, some donít appreciate my gift. Others donít really care to face their demons. Trust me there is something morbid about us coming back to this little oasis year after year. No matter how lovely a time we have, at some point, one should move to bigger and better things.

I realize our resort is inexpensive and has many amenities. For a mere twenty-five dollars, we get room and board and delicious meals three times a day, except on Sunday. Sunday, they combine breakfast and lunch into a feast they call brunch. The lakeside setting helps the meals go down easy. It aroused the pallet and enlarges the waistline. The sedentary life gives me time to think and talk about my innermost feelings. It helps me face the feelings of grief, hate, anger and low self-esteem. It helps me exorcise my demons. Hopefully at the end of this stay, I wonít so the same things that brings me back to the resort to ponder how and why I stray from the right path.

I took my first vacation at Parkerís Lake two years ago. I remember the events that brought me here. How can I forget? They are the same ones that brought me back. It started with my husband. He decided to take a permanent vacation. He took the big sleep; dirt nap or, if you are Native American like myself, a trip to a Happy Hunting Ground. Thatís when the demons showed up. Who wouldíve thought Iíd like crack cocaine so much? The things I did, drugs, men and alcohol, would probably make a sailor blush. My behavior took me on a downward spiral into the dark pit of despair. Once there, I felt helpless, hopeless and trapped. My trip to Parkerís Lake gave me a much-needed respite from my demons. At first, it was even fun. I took the rest for granted. I assumed that the demons were gone and I was again queen of the hill. Hallelujah! The blessings of God had cured me. Since he had been so gracious, surely he wouldnít mind if I sneaked in a little wayward activity once I got out.

This trip to the resort came abruptly. I say it that way, but itís not really true. The moment I decided to sneak in that bit of "fun" was the day I started planning this vacation. As I was sneaking, so were the demons. They werenít gone after all. They were just in hiding. The raided my mind and my spirit. I promptly forgot about God and being healed. So, for the next six months, I will sit, think and pray. I will talk to everyone who will listen. I will tell them about my demons and listen when they talk about theirs. I am scared just like most of the other guests, but I will dare to talk and expose the demons to the light of truth. I know all demons despise the truth. They hate it when you tell people about the harm and misery they cause. They hate being exposed as the harbingers of pain, despair, depression and ultimately death of mind, spirit and body.

I sit here in my suite, and hope that this chat will be of some help to you. I know it helps me. I am no longer ashamed to seek help. I an not afraid to heal. I will fight with all the might and gifts God have given me to bring light into my life and of the lives of those around me. I wonít forget that he gave me the gift to gab, but only the gift of his love enables me to use it. The four white walls and thick reinforced oak doors of beautiful Parkerís Lake Resort confines my body but not my mind, spirit or voice. Take it from me, face your demons and let God help you defeat them. Donít do what I donít loose your freedom to find your gift. Well, it lights out and Parkerís Lake Security will be around to lockup. I have enjoyed chatting with you. Good bye and God bless.

Me-Gwitch, thank you
To all my relatives

Flower in the Wind Lady


Valerie Jean Bellcourt