"Let them praise His name with the dance; let them sing praises to Him with the timbrel and harp.
Let the High Praises of God be in their mouth and a two-edged sword in their hand" Psalm 149

Armed and Ready for our Generation
Priase Report

I just wanna thank you for being on the air. Tonight I was over at a friend's house and I was feeling depressed so I went into the other room to be by myself and I was flipping through the channels and your show was on and caught my attention. I was watching it for only a few minutes and the joy of the Lord came on me and I burst out into Holy Ghost laughter. A weight was just lifted off of me. Everyone came out to see why I was laughing and they came out and started watching your program as well and we all were Blessed by your joy and your love for the Lord. I had no idea it was a Christian program when the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I was like, "Lord why am I laughing?" and then I was just ushered into the presence of God. I really needed this tonight. Thank you for your ministry. It is unique and effective. Praise God and may you be Blessed in all you do.

Jakob Casebolt
Living Word Christian Center

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